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Friday, November 13, 2009

CG vs. Bilderberg McKenna on NB Power 'debate'

In response to: 'A good deal for New Brunswick'
Frank McKenna - Irving's Telegraph Journal
November 12th, 2009

The announcement by Premiers Shawn Graham and Jean Charest represents a bold, courageous act of economic nation-building, and warrants the applause it is getting across Canada. However, New Brunswickers will properly wish to focus on the benefits for our province, and the questions they have will require answers.
Shilling Continues
Nice try Bilderberg McKenna,

The people of NB know by now when they're getting the shaft.

Thanks greatly to your former 'work' this deal will most certainly lose in the court of public opinion.

Whether our junior kleptocrats will succeed in ramming it through will determine whether NB is to be a democratic state or remain an oligarchy ruled by foreign interests.

So, crank up those crony advertising companies again - see if the people can be swayed to accept their indentured serfdom.
Daniel Fitzgerald, Nijmegen

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Dan F said...


Dan Fitzgerald November 13th, 2009 at 16:21 | #9 Reply | Quote Your comment is awaiting moderation.

“Tell me why I - as a resident, taxpayer and rate payer, should say no to a deal that I know for sure will save me ”

If I told you I could save you a thousand dollars a month, but I need to sell your house (for 0 dollars) to do it, wouldn’t you be a bit skeptical?

Then I promise to let you stay in the house under certain (somewhat vague) conditions, take care of the upkeep, only charge you more for big additions, etc - you might start to get more comfortable with the deal as pure greed takes over.

Then you find out your neigbour’s hair salon was offered a 30% better deal, that there are guys lined up to rent a bit of your property, that there was going to be big increases in home values, massive currency inflation, etc…

Wouldn’t you want to take a second look, to see what the deal was? But then the ‘deal’ maker starts bringing in his pushy boss who makes an even more empassioned speach about how good the deal is, all the while threatening to raise your mortgage interests if you don’t agree.

Just from a gut feeling - if it seems to good, it probably ain’t - plus it’s nice to own your own home, excepting the real banksterism that goes along with it.

That if it seems to good, you’ve got to take a second look is the kind of wisdom we seem to have lost. It seems to have died off with the generation who built those power dams and nuclear stations.