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Sunday, November 29, 2009

David Campbell Overdoses on Double Thought

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Cooling off period

It's the Economy, Stupid - David Campbell
November 28th, 2009

Folks, I will be refraining from posting here for a week or two to clear my head and get my bearings. I am just a guy who is trying to positively influence change in this province by working with economic development organizations and writing columns and this blog. Once in a while I do work with corporations but almost always on economic development-related issues. I never felt it was right to talk about any of my clients here unless the work I did for them went into the public domain. I have talked about the importance of competitive energy costs as an economic development driver for five years and now people want to question my integrity and professional ethics because that belief dovetails with the interests of some very important companies in this province.

So upon reflection I will be withdrawing from this debate. You know where I stand and you can draw your own conclusions.
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Dan Fitzgerald wrote:
November 29th, 2009

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What is this, an economics blog or a soap opera?

Speaking about ethics in this new-world economy is like talking about animal husbandry in an automated slaughter house. The amount of double-think necessary to promote this Bermudan plan for NB must be extraordinary.

Take a few days off and get back to us on why this latest bit of PPP Piracy will benefit us for generations to come.
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Campbell must be loosing it - this is a post he retracted right before announcing his little holiday:
Jacques Poitras
from It's The Economy, Stupid by David Campbell

Jacques Poitras is threatening to reveal my clients and state that I am in a conflict of interest because I support the NB Power deal. I don’t usually talk about my clients on this blog - I let them publish any work that I do for them and I have no business discussing my client list in public.

But anyone who has read this blog knows I have worked for the NB Biz Council in the past - because they published my work for them - and I can tell you that I am doing some presentation work for them on energy and its importance to economic development. And I am glad to do so - it is consistent with my belief that this deal with Hydro-Quebec is supportive of economic development.

I have never been paid to write a column (other than the money I get paid to write columns) or write anything on this blog. I have spend hundreds of hours trying to stimulate a debate about economic development and never received a dime. Even the revenue from the advertisments on the right column of the blog go to the hosting company.

I stated clearly and will state again that the CBC has a right and should be covering the stories they are covering. But they should also be covering both sides of the deal and I will stick by that assertion no matter who threatens me.
Original post (now removed) in: It's The Economy, Stupid

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