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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CG vs. Mr. Murphy on leaving sinking ship

In response to: Is this the real reason Moncton North MLA Mike Murphy resign his seat???
Charles Leblanc's Other Blog - January 5th, 2009

Image Source: Charles Leblanc (Click for more)
Dan F said...
Nice photos as always Charles.

You're gonna be my go-to guy for pictures of the unmasking of these kleptocrats going into the election - better keep fit as you never know when an injured buck will wander into view.

Maybe the whole lot of them will get swept up onto the shores like lobsters in a storm, your posts will be like a fresh feed of 'em.

In short: Best wishes for Twenty-10.

Regarding Mr. Murphy's retirement - I think the more these crazed politicians find their senses and steer away from the Bermudan/bankster herd, the better for Neubraunschweig's chances. Stopping a robbery half-through is better than letting the thieves take it all; it'll also be harder to pull of future scams.

What would be really nice is if some of them would take a principled stand and not just mosey off as if they weren't co-conspirators in an ongoing heist. If selling NB Power is the last resort, show that you got the best price - prove that you've examined alternatives - stop working in dark rooms with the cameras turned off and make the process transparent.

Regarding the 'deal': Who is going to keep paying for the electricity and 'profits', regardless of which corporation holds the debt? Just like before -it'll be the NB public that'll keep paying for prior PPP piracy, the rate payers and taxed serfs who shoulder the burden. The pain keeps coming long after paid-for Premiers and party pimps have moved on - or for the capable ones, up a level, in the pyramid of political corruption.

In terms of public reaction, surely Bilderberg McKenna and his protégés can't be surprised that the rowdy people who rejected a massive toll-highway would rise up and reject an even more obvious form of economic sabotage in the selling of NB Power for 0 dollars.

Should the people be able to bring an end to this before the deed is done, it'll be just one battle won in the long march towards accountable and just representation. How long it'll take to undo all the shady tricks they have rigged is uncertain, but surely possible.

In terms of minutiae, whether this apparent defection by Mr. Murphy was forced or by choice is still of interest. Either way, let's all wish him the best as he enjoys his doubled pension and potential pay-offs from the 'private' sector as the public sector continues imploding.

No sense staying mad when it'll take all the political will and public involvement to turn around and fix the situation that we could possibly be mustered.
5:44 PM, January 05, 2010

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