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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Philip Lee's revisionist history of NB Power deal

In response to: Down by the old mill stream
Philip Lee - Telegraph Journal (Irving media)
February 20th, 2010

Here at the Milltown dam, in this water and this drop, is the beginning of the story of the New Brunswick and Quebec electricity deal. The date of this beginning can be marked with certainty: Dec. 24, 1887. That's the day engineers at this dam generated electricity and ran a wire that turned on lights in homes at the end of Cotton Mill Road.
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Daniel Fitzgerald, Utrecht wrote: This is revisionist history - the Irvings would like New Brunswickers to believe that this deal has been a long time coming.

What they've tried to silence is the truth - that this bad deal was hatched in a backroom somewhere by crooks and announced by surprise as a fait accompli to all but a handful of complicit insiders. They even hired the Johnnie Cochran of PR firms to sell the deal. Like H&K's failure to sell Iraq to Canadians, I hope New Brunswickers are also spared this disaster. There are promising signs that the majority refuse to let themselves be bamboozled.

On the other hand, Mr. Lee shows above what good money will buy, and his university journalism program has accepted plenty of tainted Bermudan green. He is in conflict, like just about all the other proponents of the deal.

Where are the non-paid cheerleaders for the deal? I see only conflicts and enough insider dealings to fill a slew of honest newspapers, should New Brunswick manage to have one again one day.

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