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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On going forward with government in NB after power sale debacle

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Breaking news: NB Power NOT for Sale
Anonymous - QSLS.org
March 24th, 2010

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham confirmed in the legislature Wednesday morning that his government will no longer sell NB Power's generation assets to Hydro-Qu├ębec.
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Dan F wrote:
Come on - this should be left in QSLS Politics

Who wants to worry about debt and cracking dams when you're water skying or swimming near Mactaquac? I hope all talk of this deal is finished soon, I can't take the stench of corruption any longer.

As to what next - I say stop panicking first. There's an election coming up, and democracy has a time-tested way to deal with crisis. Choosing the right representation in the coming months will be crucial to each riding.

The PC party seems to be willing to man up in the face of this debacle - but it is not yet certain whether they can sweep the thing like the NB Tories of old. Reasonably speaking though, it's pretty well their race to lose at this point.

On the other hand, presuming Irving and Shawn Graham can't pull a few golden-plated rabbits out of a hat, a stable coalition of PCs with Greens or NDP would certainly be an interesting thing to watch.

Until then, look out for desperate measures from the Libs, and try as best to keep the next government in check from the beginning. Shutting them down after 3+ years of damage is almost too late, there were some pretty crazy laws passed in the early days of this administration.

Other matters have slipped under the radar while the power sellout was discussed, i.e. this new 'law' coming up:


The most recently 'cracked scandal' in the main stream media (doubling of pensions and severance for MLAs in secret, during a flood) was only one of many signs years ago that responsible governance in NB was under threat from inside collaborators.

The others include when NBers let Irving drop Lepreau's nuclear turbines in the ocean. Granted - this was smoothed by their newspapers and political puppets, who fail to point out the obvious and hide the truth with spin on a daily basis.

Speaking of offshored corporations, if you're concerned about your power rates going forward, demand the end to Bermudan subsidies today.

In the long run as citizens - stay strong, be conscious of the political dangers and don't wait to react so long the next time a similar stunt is pulled.

Responsible government means diddly when the 'governed' are asleep or don't care.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

CG on Social Media in the NB Beacon

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By Melissa Wah - New Brunswick Beacon
March 11, 2010

Like a chameleon the internet is always changing and shifting,which means the way we communicate is always changing too. Twelve years ago there was only a select group of people who controlled the content on the internet. Only those who could afford to hire a technology excerpt, trained in HTML coding, controlled the content on web. But that has drastically changed. Anybody who has access to the internet, now has access to a worldwide audience, if they know how to grab the attention of those people.
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Dan Fitzgerald says:
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March 11, 2010 at 5:14 PM

Don’t believe the hype – social media is still largely filled with corporate content (regurgitated mainly) that largely passes all the old media rules and fallacies, albeit in a different format. A few good sources exist, but the churnalism and PR industry still largely have the upper hand.

Just check out a serious topic, twittered by everyone from STU journalism profs to anti-power sale activists and new media operatives:


These people have their own independent blogs, more resources than they can shake a stick at, all the insider information and contacts in government.

Yet @bloggercharles, a Saint Johner who set up his tent on the legislature grounds back before people knew there was a crisis beats them 9 times out of 10 – providing illuminating and revolutionary content with a style and down-to-earth foresight one can write home about.

So yes, it is possible that social media can be used to raise awareness, but as before – one still has to sift through a lot of commercials and redundancy.