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Thursday, March 11, 2010

CG on Social Media in the NB Beacon

In response to: Social media causing a social change
By Melissa Wah - New Brunswick Beacon
March 11, 2010

Like a chameleon the internet is always changing and shifting,which means the way we communicate is always changing too. Twelve years ago there was only a select group of people who controlled the content on the internet. Only those who could afford to hire a technology excerpt, trained in HTML coding, controlled the content on web. But that has drastically changed. Anybody who has access to the internet, now has access to a worldwide audience, if they know how to grab the attention of those people.
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Dan Fitzgerald says:
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March 11, 2010 at 5:14 PM

Don’t believe the hype – social media is still largely filled with corporate content (regurgitated mainly) that largely passes all the old media rules and fallacies, albeit in a different format. A few good sources exist, but the churnalism and PR industry still largely have the upper hand.

Just check out a serious topic, twittered by everyone from STU journalism profs to anti-power sale activists and new media operatives:


These people have their own independent blogs, more resources than they can shake a stick at, all the insider information and contacts in government.

Yet @bloggercharles, a Saint Johner who set up his tent on the legislature grounds back before people knew there was a crisis beats them 9 times out of 10 – providing illuminating and revolutionary content with a style and down-to-earth foresight one can write home about.

So yes, it is possible that social media can be used to raise awareness, but as before – one still has to sift through a lot of commercials and redundancy.

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