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Monday, August 30, 2010

Diary of an anonymous #nbvotes troll

After calling out this anonymous coward / #nbvotes troll - he started deleting his older more obnoxious posts, banned me from following him and has now locked down his account. I'd think with only 13 viewers and an hidden identity, he or she would want as much attention as possible. To capture the astounding nature of this tomfools words, I'm posting his still existing twits for posterity. The more rancid parts I've highlighted in the tweets he wasn't too embarassed to delete before I copied them.

Twitter user NBVotes
Name Fred Y. Beach
Joined Thu Feb 25 20:12:24 +0000 2010
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- Alward promises to *fill in the blank of whatever it will take to have get your vote* #nbvotes
- Alward promises to outlaw masturbation... then build jails in every community in NB #nbvotes
- Alward promises farts laid in NB will no longer stink. #nbvotes
- @monctoncrescent I guess francophones don't exist in your riding? Unilingual English website? Shameful. #nbvotes
- Dear Fredericton: Can't wait to get choppin' away at all those pesky civil service jobs. Love, Alward #nbvotes
- Dear successful corporations and "rich" NBers: We're gonna raise your effing taxes, a**holes. That'll teach ya. Love, Alward. #nbvotes
- Alward raises corporate taxes during a recession. Coming up: forcing palliative care patients to go jogging to get better. #nbvotes
- Alward wants to raise corporate taxes during a recession. Yeah, that'll help. Thanks a lot. #nbvotes
- Alward attacking corporations and "the rich". Self-defeatism rears its ugly head. Success is a bad thing, huh? #nbvotes
- Campaign fail! LOL RT @robhoadley I, for one, welcome our new Nova Scotian overlords: http://flic.kr/p/8vocMZ #nbvotes
- Tories: Don't decry "spin" on one hand and then "spin" the CRA poll results as anything but completely shitty for you. #nbvotes
- Fun reading PC tweets spinning the incredibly damaging first poll of the campaign. They've blown a huge lead. #nbvotes
- Sue Stultz (PC - Moncton North) definitely wins the award for the most depressing signs. #nbvotes
- CRA poll proves PC support bleeding badly. Alward's latest wacko promises proof of desperation. #nbvotes
- Signs of things to come when NB goes broke under Alwards "everything is free" policy http://tinyurl.com/2cm7mzj #nbvotes
- Thinks LJR is spinning in his grave. #nbvotes
- @pcnbca Hitler created buzz, too. #nbvotes
- If the NB Power debate taught us anything, it's that a power rate freeze will go directly to increasing debt. Alward is desperate. #nbvotes
- David Alward's election strategy: Free everything! That is all. #nbvotes
- Alward said self-sufficiency is a pipe dream? Well that just reeks of vision and optimism, doesn't it? #nbvotes
- @thelieisacake Orimulsion was a $1B mistake by Alward and company but you're fully confident in them. What's the diff? #nbvotes
- @thelieisacake And we all know that if Moody's lowered NB's rating that you and @pcnbca would be all over it. #nbvotes
- CRA poll later this week will show a Liberal lead. #nbvotes
- There will be only two parties represented in the NB Legislature after Sept. 27. It's just a fact. #nbvotes
- @the_problematic Still obsessed with 17-yr-olds, I see. Get some help. #karltoftgate #nbvotes
- @poitrasCBC Free ferry? NOTHING is free. Someone should ask the Tories what will be cut. #nbvotes
- @nbliberalparty You know impersonating a legal entity on Twitter is illegal, right? #nbvotes
- @MonctonCrescent John Betts' new slogan: "Not burdening my riding with a cabinet minister since 1999" #nbvotes
- @the_problematic You realize you said that to a 17-yr-old, right? #karltoftgate #nbvotes
- Still waiting for proof that David Alward is a Canadian citizen. #nbvotes
- @thelieisacake "Marketing shouldn't trump substance." Anyone remember 200 days of change? LOL #nbvotes
- @thelieisacake LOL @ spin. Really? You're serious? #hypocritegate #potcallingkettlegate #nbvotes
- @thelieisacake #suppergate and #pensiongate are working. Getting under your skin. #orimulsiongate #kimjardinegate #homophobegate #nbvotes
- Does anyone have proof that David Alward is a Canadian citizen? Can he legally get his pension? #nbvotes
- Interesting @pcnbca strategy to have francophone MLA criticize Mme Robichaud pension in order to avoid anti-French perception. #nbvotes
- David Alward's farts smell like now widows' tears must taste. #nbvotes
- @MonctonCrescent Keep trashing LJR's widow. It's doing wonders for y'all. Love, Every Liberal in NB xox #nbvotes
- Don't forget media photo opp in Saint-Antoine this a.m. Claude Williams will be taking a dump on LJR's grave. #nbvotes
- Lord's sincerity re: LJR now in question after Alward takes baseball bat to Mme Robichaud's kneecaps. #nbvotes
- NDP thinking it's going to win seats = Palliative care patient buying green bananas. It's nice to dream. #nbvotes
- David Alward's favourite board game as a child: Hungry Hungry Widows. #nbvotes
- Secret footage of latest @pcnbca election strategy meeting released: http://bit.ly/1WWiLR #nbvotes
- Dear Santa: Thanks for the election strategy team put in place by @pcnbca. Love, Every Liberal in NB xox #nbvotes
- Media photo opp in Saint-Antoine tomorrow. @pcnbca candidates will take turns pooping on LJR's grave. #nbvotes